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Nordic Tours provides several interesting cooperation types for agents. Due to our experience on the Icelandic market we provide our service to over 300 Agents worldwide.

Tour Operator
Are you interested in a cooperation with us? We offer:

  • Customer (your client) greeting at the airport
  • Customer hotline during travel
  • Customer visits at the accommodations
  • We create your individual or incentive tours

Sell our products
Are you interested in selling our products. We offer:

  • Accommodations
  • Restaurant & Partyservice
  • Motor Homes
  • 4×4 Camper
  • Individual Tours
  • Golf Tours

Embed our online service
Check our PDF: online_service

Imagine a 24 hour booking service for your customers. Bookings would come in during the night or while you are working on other things.
Online bookings have a big advantage for you. In most cases the client has decided what he wants and goes directly for the booking.
Camper Iceland is part of the 1933 Group and provides one of the best online service known in Iceland for Motor Homes and 4×4 Campers ONLINE.
In this short overview we would like to inspire you to participate in our online program.
It’s free of charge and our team will help you to get this done as quickly as possible.
Hurry up! Your customers are waiting…

Link or button
We create a booking link for you and you simply use that link on your homepage. The decision whether to add it as a link or button is yours.

Embed our module
We create an iFrame that embeds into your homepage.

Payment plan for both embedding or linking:

  1. The customer books, we send the customer the invoice and handle the whole booking process. After the customer has paid the invoice. We will ask you to send us an invoice (15% commission). Most of our agents choose this option because of convenience.
  2.  The customer books, you will see the booking if you log into our system and check your “Booking Report”. The booking must be handled by you and according to contract. Your agreed commission applies (20%).

API connect
If your system is API ready we assist you or your software support with the connection between our system. Due to API your system will always be up do date.

Payment plan for API:

Due to the fact that the customer is booking into your system. The whole process must be made by you.