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Accommodations in Iceland

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Nordic Guest House
Vesturbraut 10a
230 Keflavík
+354 421 1933

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MAIN: +41 62 539 11 11
USA: +1 888 229 05 50
CDN: +1 778 800 25 15

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In a Nutshell


The House

The modern Guest House is modern and exclusive at the same time. A volcano stone floor finish with exclusive wood furnish will make you feel comfortable.

  • Cheap Rates 100% 100%
  • 5 minutes to Airport 90% 90%
  • Close to Restaurant 95% 95%
  • Optional Shuttle Service 100% 100%

Breakfast Solutions

We decided not to offer breakfast anymore because like you we are travelers ourselves. In our opinion running a breakfast service is far to expensive for our beloved customers. We rather point out where to find the next bakery or 24h grocery store so you can choose the lovely Icelandic breakfast that best suits you. Scroll down you are interested in our “food map”. 

Opening hours

In order to have the best rates possible we only operate the reception from 09:00 – 17:00. However, we do have a code system on our Guest House entrance where you can punch in a code to gain access. Sometimes we are a bit sad if we don’t meet all our guests in person but the low rate seems more important on the market. The code to the door is sent to you 20 days before the arrival and the reminder will be sent one day prior to arrival for your convenience.

Where is the Airport

It’s a common mistake to think that the international Airport is in Reykjavik. The official code for the airport is KEF for Keflavik and that’s where we are. Reykjavik is approximately 40 car minutes away from Keflavik. We offer a shuttle service to Reykjavik or you can always go back to the airport and take the bus.

Is there anything to see and do in the area

The beautiful peninsula Reykjanesbær was forgotten in the tourism business until the late 2000. The area has a little city called Keflavik and offers a cinema, restaurants, pubs and more. We also have interesting museums such as the Viking museum or the Rock museum of Iceland. We also have hot springs, geothermal energy plants, bird watching cliffs, a bridge over the continental plates (Europe and America), beautiful light towers, the largest lagoon called the blue lagoon and much more.

Our Rooms



Twin-, Double Room

Family Room

Shared Facilities



Bakery and restaurant Map

Looking for a breakfast, lunch or dinner solution. Please enjoy the map e made especially for you.

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